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Ergonomic Evaluations For Businesses

Pioneer Ergonomics provides workstation assessment, identification of worksite risk factors and recommendations for ergonomic modifications. We identify risk factors that contribute to Muscle-Skeletal Disorders (MSDs), also known as Repetitive Strain Injuries. Our consulting includes written reports of recommendations to assist with the prevention of future MSDs. We work closely with human resources, safety, engineering, employees, and management to achieve company-wide success. We provide consultation on furniture and product purchases, while upholding objectivity and professionalism: Pioneer Ergonomics do not represent or sell any specific product line or vendor.

Pioneer Ergonomics consults with businesses on how to start formal in-house ergonomics programs. This process starts with an analysis of a company’s incidence rate for safety management using the firm’s OSHA Form 300 human resources log. Incidence rates are used to show the relative level of injuries within a company and in comparison to other similar industries. Because a common base and a specific period of time are involved, these rate can help determine both problem areas and progress in preventing work-related injuries and illnesses. Pioneer Ergonomics uses statistics to compare injury rates to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for that industry.

We use anthropometric analysis (measurements of body size) to help make recommendations for our clients. Anthropometry is used as a basis for designing equipment, workstations and tools to reduce the incidence of repetitive strain injuries. Pioneer Ergonomics consults in the office environment as well as the industrial environment.

We provide Job Description Development. Job Descriptions are used to analyze and define an occupation in terms of the “essential functions” required to perform that job. Having well-defined job descriptions helps employers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, employees, and physicians determine appropriate job placements that are safe for workers.

Good Ergonomics = Good Economics

Disclaimer: Pioneer Ergonomics has no legal affiliation with any vendor. We do not represent or sell any product lines. Any recommendation concerning a brand of product is not to be taken to imply that we endorse that product.

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